Thursday, 23 April 2015

How I switch off...


Today I'd like to share a collage I made in my journal. It's quite an early work when I was just feeling so pleased with making things. It's a great way for me to switch off you see. I sit down and get all my paints and papers and stickers out and time just flies. Often 45 minutes goes past and I then take some time to actually look at what I have made.

This time I actually felt shocked at what I had created, in a good way, so I added the text "Look I made this!" to remind myself of that feeling.

I had relaxed, switched off from work and home and anything else on my mind and had simply enjoyed myself.

I then added this quote "time spent creating is rarely wasted". That one really resonated with me as I often feel like I've wasted time and that I could have accomplished more. Do you ever feel like that? How do you switch off?
Thanks for reading,