Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Keeping things simple and wishing myself luck


I mentioned before my journal is quite positive-quote-heavy and I will share some of those. But sometimes I write messages for myself and little sayings I've enjoyed. This one says "Sometimes keeping it simple is the right thing to do" on the left hand page.

At the time I think I was telling myself not to overcomplicate the page but with hindsight maybe it's a mantra I can use while building this blog and putting everything out there. I've been worrying and thinking about things too much, over-complicating and thinking that everything needs to be perfect before I can begin. Well, it doesn't. Part of what I like best about people is when sometimes they make mistakes and get things wrong.

The other side is a good luck message to myself. It's a saying used in Anne Bishop's Ephemera novels (which I can heartily recommend by the way, even my husband really liked them and he's quite hard to please). In these novels the world responds to people thoughts and feelings and so as people travel they often say 'travel lightly' and they wish each other 'hearts blessing' rather than good luck. 

So, I am wishing myself 'hearts blessing' on this journey of mine. I call it a journey but where it leads I don't know. I shall, indeed, 'travel lightly'.

Thanks for reading,