Sunday, 12 April 2015


Let me show you my STaBLE (remember the branding? Well done you.)
I'm not sure if you've guessed already but I'm a bohemian at heart. I love colour, pattern and plants. I like to walk around barefoot and am pretty much a hippie and proud. I don't live alone, and for the sake of my husband and two boys, I rein myself in (a bit) when decorating our house. Being honest here, my husband would not agree. However, the STaBLE is my space. Just mine. It's in our outbuilding and I do what I want in there. 
I love colour! I also obsessively collect images I like and decided to collage them into my very own personal storage. I used flower pot holders for these and they are around 12 inches tall for scale purposes.
I just could not decide on one colour for my STaBLE. So I've painted it in lots and lots of colours. My very own colour wall. I've left the brush marks on purpose and some of the colour-joins make me so happy. 
I've also layered some fabric over my colour wall and will continue to do so and build this up. This piece of lace is spray painted. It works pretty well I find as long you do it lightly and don't attempt on delicate fabrics. 
I have a fairly large collection of spray paints. Keeping them this way makes it much easier to find the colour I want, although as you can see I have mislaid a number of the lids. 
More collage storage. This is an old one and it's just a cardboard box underneath. This one was done with PVA which I find leaves wrinkles. I use Gel Matt Medium now, which is slightly more expensive but gives a great finish. I may experiment more with wallpaper paste though. I'm trying to keep the whole of the STaBLE on a pretty tight budget as we still have bathrooms and windows and important stuff like that in our house to pay for.

I have a lot of things which I intend to do something with. I wish I knew a better way to describe this. So I have built a jenga-style set of shelves out of pallets in which to store everything-which-has-potential.
This painting is by a friend of mine and amazingly talented artist, David Newton. You can see more of his work here including a fab picture of this actual piece. He told me it was inspired by the opening scenes of horror films. Now I hate horror films (too active an imagination - I can't sleep for being scared after I've watched something even vaguely scary, so it's something I have just given up on) but I love love love this picture. It's huge by the way, 8 foot by 6 foot I think.
I have a sofa in the STaBLE. It's an exceptionally comfortable hand me down chesterfield which used to belong to my Mum's next door neighbours. It must be around 30 years old now. It was part of a matching set of two which is currently living in my brothers conservatory. He has a black throw over it and I have a pink. We're so gender stereotyped! It sadly it is a rather faded and worse for wear dirty-pink-velvet colour underneath. I plan to have it recovered one day, or potentially learn to upholster myself, but I'm waiting for the pair to be reunited before I do that.
The crochet back you can see was handmade by me. It was my first ever crochet blanket and I followed a youtube tutorial from this lovely lady called Beth in Texas (you can find her here) who explained everything so well. I got the bug after this and continue to crochet regularly.
The rug is also a handmade project. My Grandad made rag rugs when I was a child and I've always loved them. I've also kept lots of old fabrics and I decided to pair the two over winter. It's about 3 foot by 2 foot and it took me about three weeks to make. I just used old fabrics I didn't care about as I had no idea if I'd like it or not, but in the end I did.
You can see both a little clearer here.
And here you can see more brush joins as I used yet more colour. I adore the blue on the top half. It's almost-but-not-quite the cobalt blue I saw in Marrakech that I need to find a match for.
This is the original STaBLE divider. Our house is approximately 107 years old and we think the STaBLE is original. Today, it's quite built up around us, but I imagine there were more fields in 1907/8. The STaBLE is attached to a garage with a room above and we suspect that it was all designed for a horse drawn coach for the original owner. I'd love to find our more about this sometime.
Anyway, the divide was in the middle of the space to create two halves to the room. It made it an awkward space, and as it's not looking out onto fields and paddocks anymore it would be cruel to actually use it as a STaBLE. So, we moved it. It was a task and a half as this baby is cast iron, weighs about the same as four elephants and is 86 feet long or something. (I may be exaggerating). We did have to hire lifting equipment though as aforementioned husband thought asking a couple of people round to hold it wasn't a great idea and that if they dropped it we might have killed some of our friends. In case you can't tell, he's the worrier and I'm the it'll-all-work-out-just-fine one.
I spent hours removing all the old rust and paint from these. Look at them. It was worth it.
I have taken photos of all the finished bits and not the messy in-between-bits. It annoys me actually when I see this on blogs so I promise to show you a warts and all honest version soon of the bits I'm not so proud of!
Thanks for reading,