Sunday, 19 April 2015

The real-and-not-carefully-cropped tour of my STaBLE.


I promised didn't I? That I'd show you the warts and all version of the STaBLE and I mentioned recently about being messy...

Warning: I really am MESSY in a big way...

Here goes...

Remember these two pictures of some flower tubs I collaged and my shelves. It's true that they look like this but there is a fair amount of mess just next to them...

It consists of a wire basket thing (fairly certain there is an official name but I don't know it) full of my fabric stash and a load of bamboo stakes for the garden, plus a chair I'm in the middle of (well not-actually-started-but-nearly) recovering and painting and a fabulous vintage picture of a dog in front of Pendle Hill which the aforementioned bamboo stakes have knocked sideways.

Here you can see the chair in all it's glory, i.e. full of old painting cloths!

And hello again to falling dog-Pendle-Hill-picture. Plus you can see the mahoosive ladder that currently doesn't fit anywhere but here even though it's a huge pain and really in the way of my beautiful colour wall.

This is why the ladder is here, btw, the STaBLE is a double height room. I've cleverly used the overhead space to store some much-loved-less-often-used items including the white obelisks my brother in law made me for my wedding aisle and a frog umbrella. I know that the obelisks/frog umbrella pairing has been done to death but I love it still! Natch.

Those oh so useful jenga-style pallet shelves. They look pretty good here.

But in reality they are probably about to come crashing down on me and desperately need fixing to the wall. I will get it done before a major head injury beckons, but in the meantime, I've just put something really heavy on top to hold them down. Yes, falling down dog, we get it.

The bottom of the pallets is full of stuff-I-intend-to-do-something-with. I have a lot of this. Remember that whole severe-lack-of-laser-beam-focus coupled with too many ideas and a love of vintage shopping (because if you don't buy it then you will never ever find it again), well, this is the result.

Then the amazing painting by David...

Still amazing but currently presiding over two chairs, a stack of random items (more random than the ones already mentioned) and a gas heater, as there is no heating in the STaBLE and I live in the Northern Hemisphere in a place which rains for approximately 142% of the time.

Gorgeous blue, fab railings, brush marks, crochet, tree stump. Need I go on, this looks great!

In reality it's still next to the gas heater and random pile and with two shelves which badly need some sort of use-style-purpose.

This is a view to give you an idea of how the space physically fits together.

And this follows on to the left from the picture above and also includes a shot of the door which needs to be completely replaced. I actually have to be careful what I put near the door as if it rains in a certain direction it lets some water in. Hence it still being a mostly stone floor.

And then, just to really finish off my shame - there is another pile of random tools which I haven't found a home for yet in the middle of the floor.
So, that's honest isn't it? Messy, cluttered, but with elements of beauty and still tons of potential. I'd just like to end on a positive.
This is what I started with!



I've come a long way, baby.

Thanks for reading,