Sunday, 10 May 2015

How to do the Life Changing Magic of Tidying for your clothes

Is this the secret to a clutter free wardrobe forever? Being able to find every item of clothing you own easily and quickly. Getting rid of items without guilt, worry or regret?


I read this book recently, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I think most of the world has too. I can see why though. This is actually a way to balance your life, to "banish clutter forever" as Marie says.

I didn't want to banish clutter forever, I love clutter! Maximalist all the way. But, I had to admit I was lost when it came to my clothes. I had far too many, I had two bursting wardrobes and a semi-permanent-clothes-mountain next to them. I'd know what I wanted to wear but couldn't always find it and getting dressed was taking longer than it should.

I'm always interested in what is new, so when a few blogs mentioned this book I took a look at it and read some reviews. A few mentioned that they had just used it for their clothes and that it had worked so I bought it.

It's quite easy to read, if a little repetitive. There are only so many ways you can describe getting rid of stuff after all. Marie is interesting and although an extreme minimalist to me there were certainly parts of the book I could resonate with.

There were three main steps to clothes.

1. Take everything out. Every single top, and then you move on to trousers, dresses etc.

Here is my pile!

It was huge and that is just tops. It was a pile taller than me. Scary and quite shaming really.
I couldn't remember the last time I had seen this original 1970's drawer liner! The chest by the way is a hand-me-down from my Mum and I really love it. It's huge and chunky and has lots of scars and dents. It used to be in my Mum's bedroom and I spent ages in my childhood staring at it while we hung out in her room in the mornings so I just have happy memories of this.
Anyway, back to tidying.
2. Look at each item, hold it and ask if it brings you joy. Simple really.
Anything that doesn't get rid of it. If it was a gift or reminds you of a special moment, it's ok to say thank you to item and let it go. I felt a bit silly saying thanks to things but I soon got into the swing of it.
I ended up having three piles (humongous-gravity-defying ones). One of items to sell, one of items for the charity shop and one for things that needed to be thrown away. I did put a couple of pieces to one side that need to be mended too.
3. Put the things away that give you joy and try and fold them so you can see them. Vertically or rolled, not in piles on top of each other. Ideally you need to see everything in the drawer at once.
So here are my results.

Then, three weeks later, this is still how it looks! It's working really well for me...


My wardrobes can breathe and are nowhere near full. I'm storing a spare pillow in one that I use when I read in bed. I've got space for a chunky pillow!

I took seven bin liners of clothes to charity shops and have two large bags waiting for me to put them on ebay. I can find things easily and so far I haven't missed anything at all.

I have less choices, but it's easier to decide what to wear. I realised what clothes I am missing so have bought one new pair of trousers and one more maxi dress for work. I might add some more bits but not too many. I've bought some storage boxes too so I can keep everything in order. I have one full of shorts, one of jumpers, one of pyjama's, one of shapewear even!

I should probably point out that I haven't been sponsored to write this or anything and I'm unlikely to follow it anywhere else. I already disagree with Marie profoundly as she thinks people rarely re-read books. Pah! I re-read books all the time.

But I am super pleased that it has worked for my clothes and I hope it lasts.