Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to find balance in your life?


The title sounds like I'm going to write a tutorial on how to be perfect doesn't it? A bit Martha-Stewart-esque! Or whoever the British equivalent may be - Delia Smith? Kirstie Allsop? I actually have no idea.

I'm not.

I really haven't cracked it.

You see... I get a bit lost without a project in my life.

If things are going too well, I tend not to do so well. It's strange really but obviously I thrive on chaos.

Instead, I take on far too many things, don't always finish them all and end up spending an inordinate amount of time looking around me at all the started, almost-started, just-piles-of-stuff-and-not-started-at-all things and not knowing where to begin.

For example at this very moment in time I am surrounded by the following things...

  1. A pile of fabric, a second hand easel and a hook which combined do have the potential to make a wonderful large rug for my front room.
  2. Six dining room chairs which are in need of painting and recovering and the foam to do this with and the fabric. I have painted three of them. So I have started this, but not finished. Sigh.
  3. A tote bag full of scrapbook pages from a trip I took which need making into a book. I watched a tutorial on how to sew pages together, bought the stuff and then... Nothing. Nada. Shame.
  4. Two prototypes of my boxes/fancy shelves/ help-me-I-need-a-name-for-them which need crochet adding and painting to be finished.
  5. Three half done cushion covers.
  6. A wonderful large circular rocking chair which needs a new coat of paint as it is a hideous dark green.
  7. A fabulous planter-bottom-type-thing which was the bottom of a beautiful garden cloche which was stolen out of my front garden and which I have hoarded kept for three years as I just knew something could be done with it. I'd like to paint it and maybe add some paper and tape to it and use it on my bedroom chest of drawers to try and corrall all the products that I should use-more-often-but-am-so-tired-I-usually-forget.

Hmmm. Where to even start. I'll keep you posted.