Friday, 22 May 2015

Interior Design; Gently does it - The Bathroom

The bathroom in a house is so important and it was one of the first rooms I finished in my renovation. I wanted it to look like something from a magazine.

Do you think I suceeded?

This was what it looked like at the beginning.

I'm not sponsored by Andrex or anything and it's pictures like this that remind me I have learnt a lot about composition-of-photographs in the last few years.
Practicality wise though, we needed a drastic and fast solution. The bath you see there was a two third size bath. My husband is 6 foot 2. There was no working shower just a huge cupboard full of a boiler/ water tank or something else that was pretty huge.

However we couldn't afford to do everything at once. We paid for a new bath and shower to be put in, tiled most of the room and then lived with foisty plaster and a half done space for about a year. This was far from ideal, but less ideal was thought of said-husband declaring daily that the bath was too small. To be fair to him, I'm pretty short and pretty much love baths so I would have coped no problem, but in a marriage it's not just about me, it's about everyone who uses the bathroom. It was dingy and pretty much horrid...

We coped. Like I've said before, gently does it, and sometimes you have to put up with less-than-perfect-let's-be-honest-grim surroundings rather than end up with something unaffordable. I may be a bit of a dreamer, but I'm pretty practical too.
One year later we finally could afford to have the whole room replastered and replace the sink and loo. Here you can see how it looks so much brighter with fresh-clean-straight walls.

I wanted this space to be very calming and a retreat from the world. I painted it all in an elegant gray - night jewels from Dulux and chose the deepest bath I could find that wasn't £8000 pounds. I really did drool look over the Jacuzzi baths but had to move on.

My criteria for the bath (which said husband likes to announce to anyone who sees our bathroom - so can't complain about me stating it here) is that it had to cover my boobs while floating. Sorry if this is TMI but to me it's a really important thing. I climbed in all the baths to check in the showroom we visited and I am very glad I did as I like the slipper shaped baths, but actually found them pretty uncomfortable and nowhere near the top trumps of covering-boobs-baths. Dear reader, fear not, I found one.

And after all this talk, let's move on to the big reveal...

I always try to keep whatever features we have, so here we have the original gas vent? Made of Zinc? Plastered around and I added a little decorative detail, which I picked up from Salt's Mill. 

And added some simple accessories including some beautiful coat hooks a friend bought for me from Prague. The mirror you can see was originally gold, but as I love antique glass I bought it, masked it and painted it black. 3 years or so later and I'm still wondering whether I should paint the radiator black.

Oh doesn't the sink and waterfall tap combination look amazing?
Yes it does but sadly....
You can only turn the tap on a teeny bit bacause it just sprays all over you. Really everywhere in a quite-embarrassing-no-I-haven't-had-an-accident kind of way.  
It's still like that, 3 years later. Shame.  I STILL want to change it. (Remember I said this blog was honest.)

But other than that, it's a great room. The bath is looooverly by the way.