Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Story Part 2; After the beginning


So that's where I was up to. A beginning. A strong idea for a product, a will to make it and only one teeny tiny issue. I had no actual idea how to make it. But, I'm really not the type of person to let that stop me. One of my favourite sayings is Impossible, even the word itself says I'm Possible! I do know that's a bit cheesy, but I love it so.

So I kept at it. Refining my ideas and the concept. A product that is both beautiful and useful. I'm also trying to work on a name for my idea and that's part of the reason for trying all these concepts out.

I am a practical person, eminently practical and I want my products to reflect me, so it has to be useful.
I decided to explore a bit of Latin, to see if it sparked anything for a name.  

Decorus & Prudentia. Not a name, it doesn't really roll off the tongue does it! But, a mission statement, a principle to guide my work. Yes, it's perfect. If I make something it needs to be attractive i.e. decorus and useful i.e. prudential.



Do you remember the timing from Part 1.When I started all this I had just landed from Morocco. It was an amazing trip, which will one day, get a whole post dedicated to it. The place raised my spirits and I really was inspired by everything there but the colours in particular made me swoon.

I'd move there tomorrow, btw.




Again, the ideas do come from my stable. So my products need to come from my stable too. The concept is that they travel from my stable to your house, with love.

I'm taking my time to do this properly. I have a pretty bad habit of completely-rushing-through-things-so-I-can-say-they-are-done. But this, I want to take it slowly. Gently. So a gentler process which leads to gentler products and gentler designs.

You can see the timeline starting to appear here. After six weeks I had decided on my name for the business as a whole and on the 17th October 2014 I took the plunge and bought You know that, obviously, as you are here reading. But it was a step for me. A milestone. A promise to myself to deliver on the idea.

I love the name destabled. It just works for me. It says all I need it to say. I mentioned before I really do have my ups and downs and that I need to celebrate that, not hide it.

 I'm excited. I am. It's true. I'm creating something from nothing. I'm starting.


I would not be being true to myself if I didn't then put a positive message out into the universe. It's going to work out beautifully.