Sunday, 3 May 2015

Prototypes and an idea becomes an actual thing


I made them! Here are my very first prototypes...

There was a huge amount of learning on the job, so to speak, mistakes and refining of ideas. There certainly were more than a few moments when I thought I couldn't do it. But I powered through, thankfully and this is how it came about.

I started with crochet and made some flowers.

I got the power tools out! Love a drill, but my word this one is heavy.

I made mistakes. See the big chunk of missing wood. Yep. That's not supposed to happen.

I tried different sizes and techniques.

I tried many ways of removing circles of wood, some with the knots in and some without. I tried different sizes of holes.

Some filler was required. I think the correct term for this in the USA is spackle. (As an aside I watch tutorials when I can to learn new skills and most of them use American terms which means I need to translate. It can get quite tricky. I think we need a DIY American- English glossary. Maybe I'll start to write one!).

I worked outside on fine weekends as I made a lot of mess. There were boxes everywhere.
Then I got to the fun bit. Adding colour and working out how to attach my crochet. This again took some doing and more moments of aargh-ummm-help-I-can't-make-this-happen.

Finally, I had something I could test in the dark, I always thought they would have two looks, daytime and night-time.

Then I had a bit of fun taking them through their very own photo-shoot. This was a pretty great feeling as they look so lovely done. Proud Mum moment.

Here are all my prototypes together. I think they look fab and I learned so much by doing this.

I have much more understanding now of what I need to do. But here are my latest two works in progress.

What do you think?