Monday, 18 May 2015

Some close ups of my colour wall of shelving

I posted about my living room and the way it has evolved over a couple of years last week. I then spoke to a friend who had read my post and she asked why I hadn't shown any close ups of my colour shelving.

I couldn't answer.

Sometimes when you live with something it becomes obvious and you forget to explain. I think that's it. Anyway when I got up eventually dragged myself out of bed on Sunday, the sun was shining in my front room so I got the camera out and took a few snaps.

The bookcases are colour co-ordinated because; One: I love the way they look and will always love it regardless of it being a trend that has had it's day and Two: I have a visual memory so often remember what something looks like rather than it's name. That works right up until I get to season DVD's where there may be 8 box sets of House or The West Wing and each is a different colour (and I can't remember which colour is season one or six usually).

The colour comes from books and DVD's and CD's and I have added ornaments that are travel mementoes, or gifts, or charity shop finds, or just little things that make me smile. I think of the colour wall as an evolving collection really.

Here in my red section is a sculpture I bought in Prague about 10 years ago, a small and very cheap replica Eiffel tower picked up in Paris and a hand carved wooden camel which was gifted to me by a very talented woodcarver in Marrakech. 

Here is one of my boxes in use. As they were prototypes I knew I wouldn't sell these ones but I wanted to use them somewhere, and I like to see them often. The little Russian Doll was bought in Poland, when I was interrailing (I spent 5 weeks travelling around Europe on a train when I was 21 with a friend, a rucksack and no plans) and could only bring back very small keepsakes.

Here we have a mix of a blue glass hanging bauble from a teeny shop in Egypt, Madonna Sculpture from Ireland, Handmade glass work from 5 miles down the road and exuberant-wizard-oil-burner (obvs) from a vintage market I used to organise. The little purple box is a mini music box which plays the Phantom of the Opera.

Another box and an example of the House & West Wing dilemma mentioned above.

Tassels from Morrocco, cross from a church in Bury St Edmunds I think. By the way most of these items were fairly cheap, a few pounds here and there usually. The tassels were only £1. I don't think you need to always spend lots to have lovely things around you. I also think you don't need to plan it. If you just buy what you love, and only what you love, it will all work together somehow.

The Birdcage is a kit from a steam punk market which I put together myself, sat on top of a bespoke jigsaw which was a gift from a friend, another sculpture with wings (I do like wings!) this time from Egypt, and the candle was a gift

Homer here overseeing the dreams book and other completely un-linked books and a small angel from a charity shop. Did I mention I like things with wings.

Another box, with books and lamp inside. This is just a few of my colllection of well loved, well read, vintage Agatha Christie books. In front of the box, just seen, is a small replica of the Amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia, a collection of three miniature glass bottles and a box containing a Whitby Glass Lucky Duck.

Here is a Tord Boontje vase which I adore, a ceramic white bear (as my husband and I had our first date in a pub called The White Bear) and a skull from Alton Towers.

This is just a random scary ghost plastic item but it fits really well here, where some of the books are slightly smaller than the others. Is it a Scooby doo baddie?


Flower paperweight and you can just see another box underneath. I love the way this pink, Eton Mess by Fired Earth looks so different from day to night.

Here is a small elephant collection with pieces from Egypt and a car boot sale. I had a pretty decent amount of luggage in Egypt! I think as I love travel souvenirs so much, it's now worth paying for luggage so I can bring amazing things back.

Here are just a few CD's and a small picture. These last shelves are pretty awkward to get things to stay on so I changed it up by keeping them fairly empty.
All the shelves have been painted white unless they came like that originally, like the Billy bookcases. I originally wanted to have something built in but I like the higgledy-piggledy look and some of the bookcases are melamine from the 1970's so it would be a shame to get rid of it really.
I need room to grow too as I am always finding new books and I do keep the ones I intend to re-read, the books that are the most brilliant or moving or which help me to grow, which is a lot. Husband just keeps them all so the bookshelves will continue to expand over time.
As I have said before I am a maximalist and love to be surrounded by lovely things that bring back memories of great stories and my own personal adventures. Every time I look at these shelves I smile.