Friday, 1 May 2015

Telling my story and what is destabled all about!


You may be wondering what destabled is all about? You may not. But, I'd like to tell you where it has all come from, what prompted me to write this blog and start this journey...

I've been thinking about all this for quite some time. I have a great job which I enjoy and I'm good at. It's interesting and no two days are ever the same. But I feel that there is more. It's been a feeling that has bubbled away inside me for some time. I need to put something out in the world and I don't quite know where this urge has come from but it's there and has been there for a long time, consistently. Last Autumn I started to take this more seriously and started thinking about a business, about becoming my own boss and where that may take me.

I journalled about this in my evenings and here I'd like to share that story that I originally told myself and that now I'm telling you, dear reader.



On Monday 8th September I wrote that I wanted to live an extraordinary life. I had just returned from my honeymoon to Marrakech and had started back at work. My boys had both gone back to school after the summer holidays. I'm not sure why it was then that I really started to think about change but it's May now and I still feel the same. Fired up. Excited. Ready for something new.



I followed this with; and it's about time to live that dream darling. Which is a quote I've seen before and felt apt. I like the way of talking to myself kindly and being encouraging. Plus it was and still is the right time for me. I'm settled in my life, happily married with two boys who are much more independent. My house looks good, I have great friends and I'm pretty content with my career. So maybe that is why I'm ready. Most of the struggles are done and I'm at an age where I can explore other things. 



I've wanted to be my own boss for quite some time. Probably all my life If I'm being honest. I find it easy to motivate myself and prefer not to be told what to do, but to decide for myself and by myself. It was not likely to be possible while I was a single parent but as I say, I'm at the right stage in my life for this to become more than just a dream or vague hope.

I'm not just a dreamer though. I'm actually a fairly practical person and I like to achieve. So I thought about how and which direction to take. I like the idea of making something that doesn't exist but fills a gap. I thought of a product that I wanted but couldn't find and from there I thought of 'fancy shelves'.



I still can't quite work out how I got from 'fancy shelves' to knots in wood and crochet, but it happened. I mentioned that I go off on tangents - and this is the proof.

I started to think about how I could make something which replaced the knots in wood with the knots in crochet. I started to think of names and prototypes and how it could be done. I explored many different versions in my head. 

A different type of mantle-piece? A mantle-niche?



Something beautiful and useful, a frippery? A frippery frame?

At this point I knew I was onto something but it needed work. I'll keep sharing my story here and my progress. This is just the start of my story.

A beginning.