Saturday, 16 May 2015

Untied Shelving?

Today I'd like to share an update on my shelving ideas.


I shared my prototypes a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to say now thanks for the amazing response. Lots of people have read that post, and it's now my most popular one. In case you missed it, you can read it here.

Thanks dear readers.

Following on from making the prototypes I started to really think about how to describe them. I'm casting around in this part of my journal, thinking about selling points and trying to take me somewhere I can choose a name.

Some ideas so far include; Knit-Knots, The Detangled shelf, Mantle-Niche and Frippery Frame. They are just not right for me. I'm not a perfectionist but I want a name that is memorable and describes my design and is easy to spell.

My current favourite it Untied Shelving. As I remove the knots, I think it describes the process and I want something a bit different. I'd love to know your thoughts about this.

There is an Eddie Izzard sketch I love where he talks about Engelbert Humperdink and how they came up with his name. It's funny and he describes it as a stroky-beard meeting. That's what I need. A group of people with long beards to sit around a table with me and shout random words out.

I'll get there. I really-really hope so anyway. I've liked Untied Shelving for about a week now, so it might just stick!

Back to selling points, I want to work out the good bits of my product and learn to communicate those.

I'm a big fan of colour. You've probably worked that out already? I do however spend a lot of time in rooms that are oh-so-tasteful-and-oh-so-graceful but often the owners want a splash of brightness or a subtle hint of colour. Add one of my products and hey presto - instant colour.

Did you know that a bright splash of colour always draws the eye. Red, in particular. Put one bright item in a pastel room and it will make you look wherever it is. It's a great way to make people look at the best spaces in a room and detract from the less amazing areas. For example, if you have a great view from your window, maybe think of adding a bright vase or some bright curtains to really draw attention to this.

Although I just said I'm a big fan of colour, I'm an even bigger fan of natural light. The best photography tips I've read include never using a flash and always working with the natural light. I even hate blackout curtains and prefer to sleep in a light filled room as it just makes my spirit soar. Husband does not agree, so I've mostly caved in and for the sake of a happy life we have the dreaded blackout curtains.

I wanted to make something that can be used in lots of ways. I like them stacked and individually used and have used my prototypes in my house that way. I like items that can be tailor made for whatever space you want to use them in.

Most of all I want Untied Shelving to be something that you can inject your own personality on, something that could work for almost any space and any person. 

I like the idea of taking time to create something special. These are handmade, individual products - each one is unique - no mass production or manufacturing here. It's me and some-wood and some-tools and some-paint and some-wool and some-time.

The shadow play is an important aspect for me. It comes from my trip to Marrakech and the inspiration is from Moroccan lanterns and how they make a space feel more interesting and unique. 

Finally they need to be practical too - who doesn't need shelves. How may rooms do you have shelves in? What about campervans?
So that's where I'm up to at the moment. Still enjoying the process and still feeling optimistic and happy about the future.
What's next?
Stroky beard meeting to organise.
See if I can learn dovetail joints.
Investigate how I can add light to them.
Keep blogging.
Finish off some of the other projects I mentioned last week.