Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yourshelf - The Daytime Look

So you know how many people talk about how to take your outfit/ make up/ hair work from day to night. Who ever mentions how to do this for your home? It should do the same.

I've styled up some of my handmade shelves in both day and night-time to show you how they change in different light levels and to hopefully give you some ideas on how you could use them in your own home.

Don't be shelf conscious - but make your house and home work well in daylight and night-time. Come with me and see the daytime look.

Yourshelf really lends itself to display - whether of favourite books or sculptures. It also looks best when paired with a light of some kind.
However it is incredibly practical and makes a great space saving night-stand or alternative to a bedside table. You can even use the holes to feed wires through and keep them in place. One thing I hate is the way my phone charger has immense hiding properties - why won't it just stay where it should be. Well, here's a solution...

It can be the ultimate nightstand - a really economical space saving way to give either yourself or guests room for a book, a glass of water, a light, a place to chanrge your phone and somewhere to place your jewellery. As this is the daytime look I want to show you what it could look like in the morning. Still beautiful no?
And it only sticks out 17cm from the wall!
(That is the maximum width. Each yourshelf is different and is designed based on the wood so the sizes do differ, but this is the maximum width.)
If you had a particular space in mind I could make one with get-in-exact-dimensions-bespoke-baby.
As you can make a Yourshelf work in so many different ways I wanted to show two extremes. Maxi and Mini.

They can suit maximalists and you-know-shop-displays-or-people-whose-homes-look-a-bit-like-aladdins-caves-and-yes-that-is-me. I really did just happen to have all the sculptures, lady lamp, action man and pineapples laying around.

Or even those simpler-living-type-folks who just want a place to rest their book, phone, watch and a lamp.
Just an aside  how-can-they-not-want-to-add-sculptures-more-books-feathers-and-stuff.
I'm never going to be a minimalist am I?
I can respect them though.
Hope this gave you some ideas and just drop me an email if you want to know more about ordering a Yourshelf.