Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yourshelf in the dark

Ahhhhh, night-time, that wonderful time of evening when the kids are in bed, work is over (read-daytime-if-you-work-shifts), and you can be you and relax.

Are you aware of how much lighting helps you to 'just be'? Soft lighting can soothe the mood. My handmade shelves - my Yourshelf range - really comes into it's own in the dark. Magic happens. The colours I have chosen and the crochet I have added start to glow and create patterns.

Have a look.

The shelves suit lights either inside them or even just near to them. They also create patterns from overhead lights. Look at the warm glow above. Tell me a vintage-plaster-Chinese-lady-doesn't-just-scream-relaxation? Or maybe time for a glass of wine and an evening with friends?

Here you can see overhead lighting and a lamp combined to show the change as the shadows fall. Shelving can be stylish and practical too. 

Maybe you spend your evenings alone and love it that way. You could be staring at this beautiful big headed man while wondering what to read? Can you tell how much I love to match colours.

Remember the nightstand or alternative bedside table from the day post below - here it is in the evening. The wood isn't painted yellow but it glows from within and helps you to relax.
You can see how flexible my shelving is and how much you can personalise it.

Even if you just need a place to rest your watch, charge your phone and have a light to read by-apply-face-mask-remove-makeup-meditate it still looks good.

And, just sometimes, we all need a bit of glitter and magic. With wands to make wishes.