About me

Hi, I'm Kirsty Daffodil, the owner, maker and designer at destabled. You can see all my products on my Etsy shop here, or keep in touch with me on facebook here or instagram here.

I'm a woman who woodworks and I make quirky furniture and presents by hand, out of wood. I have a workshop, and tools and my own suede apron and goggles!

I make solid wood shelves which can be cut to size, here in the UK and they can be made in any style or colour, with crochet or without. The shelves can be wall mounted, and I supply all the fixings you need or can be used freestanding. I make bedside tables, which can be made in almost any size, bespoke sized bedside tables - narrow, high, short - any! I also make a range of personalised gifts, my bestseller is my wooden signpost bookends which can say anything you like.

What do I like? Colour, pattern, plants, travel, reading, hot baths, white wine..... I drink coffee like it's water. I want to travel the world. I think there is more to life than just working. I have some lovely friends but I need time alone. Sometimes I want to hide from the world, sometimes I think I could run it.

I live with my husband, two teenagers and a toddler. They're all boys and I'm massively outnumbered. I live in a Victorian house, a former dentists, which is being renovated bit by bit.

I blog on here about all sorts; things I've made or done, random thoughts and activities, often on a bit of a tangent, but it's all honest!

If you want to get in touch, I'm kirstydaffodil@gmail.com