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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yourshelf in the dark

Ahhhhh, night-time, that wonderful time of evening when the kids are in bed, work is over (read-daytime-if-you-work-shifts), and you can be you and relax.

Are you aware of how much lighting helps you to 'just be'? Soft lighting can soothe the mood. My handmade shelves - my Yourshelf range - really comes into it's own in the dark. Magic happens. The colours I have chosen and the crochet I have added start to glow and create patterns.

Have a look.

The shelves suit lights either inside them or even just near to them. They also create patterns from overhead lights. Look at the warm glow above. Tell me a vintage-plaster-Chinese-lady-doesn't-just-scream-relaxation? Or maybe time for a glass of wine and an evening with friends?

Here you can see overhead lighting and a lamp combined to show the change as the shadows fall. Shelving can be stylish and practical too. 

Maybe you spend your evenings alone and love it that way. You could be staring at this beautiful big headed man while wondering what to read? Can you tell how much I love to match colours.

Remember the nightstand or alternative bedside table from the day post below - here it is in the evening. The wood isn't painted yellow but it glows from within and helps you to relax.
You can see how flexible my shelving is and how much you can personalise it.

Even if you just need a place to rest your watch, charge your phone and have a light to read by-apply-face-mask-remove-makeup-meditate it still looks good.

And, just sometimes, we all need a bit of glitter and magic. With wands to make wishes.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Nancy and Nina

I've been working hard on finishing my Yourshelves at the moment. I mentioned in my last post that I have a deadline of my first craft fair and I'm getting there.

I also said a number of times that I wasn't going to put too much pressure on myself with this project and this blog, but the deadline has been really helpful.

I'm normally pretty organised at work (in terms of workload, not desk!) but am a bit all over the place at home. However I've been making to do lists for my evenings and sticking to them.

Yay me!

Here is a video I made about my Yourshelves. I will update this with some pictures of the finished product as soon as they are ready.

Spoiler alert - they are looking great! I'm super proud right now.

So enjoy Nancy and Nina.

Oh and super-proud-part-two I've managed (I say I but I had a lot of help on this one) to add facebook comments to this blog. So you can chat away to me and about me as easily as you could on facebook.
Talk to me. Please.
Not that I'm begging.
I am.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Introducing Yourshelf; One of a kind and unique handmade shelving

Quick warning it's all going to get a little bit pun-tastic around here!

I changed my mind again but have now decided on a permanent name for my range of hand-made, one-of-a-kind shelving.

Yes, Yourshelf.
I love it. It's perfect and what I've been searching for. It's short, memorable, easy to spell and search for and it sums up my product in one word.
As I remove the knots - and only the knots, each shelf is as different as the tree it came from.
Each shelf I make is dictated to by the shape of the tree it came from, and also where the sun was and how good the soil was and a host of different natural reasons combine to make each and every shelf unique.
Which means, each shelf is unique to you.
Each shelf is unlike any other shelf.
It's Yourshelf.
But not only am I thrilled with the name of my product, it also lends itself to many happy hours creating puns. Here are a few just for you. Do let me know more in the comments?

It's also an exciting time as I have booked my first craft fair. I want to take my very first group of Yourshelf's to people and really see their reactions.
I've booked a fair one month away (no pressure!) in my home town as what better place to start.
So now, not only am I crazy busy with you know, full time job, kids, making shelves, I now have to design and make all the stuff I need to have a waterproof and secure booth at a craft fair. I'm maniacally searching Pinterest for ideas on craft show booths and using the #craftfair on instagram while simultaneously feeling like I can't possibly make a stall look good enough on a tiny budget and then you know buying cable ties and hanging basket hooks cos I can totally secure a 4 metre square gazebo with those and a bit of duct tape.
It's all doable, right!
I just keep muttering to myself, if you want something doing, you ask a busy person. Current mantra. Repeat.
Next on the to do list is creating price tags, as it's raining and I need a break from standing outside staring-glassy-eyed at the second hand gazebo with a curtain hook in my hand trying to solve all the problems.

Finally, for all those readers who have been here since the beginning and watched me obsess over try out many different names. Thanks for coming on this journey of Shelf Discovery!
I warned you at the beginning.